NET Deed Plotter® (Registered & Trademarked name of Greenbrier Graphics LLC )
All Topo Maps® (Registered & trademarked name of iGage Mapping)
for mapping metes & bounds legal descriptions,
then importing to digital topo maps.

Johnson Mapping Software is an Authorized Dealer
for both Software applications

Ever need to know the closure accuracy, the acreage, or shape of a legal description?
How do various tracts fit together?
Where does that easement fall in the Tract?
What is the remainder area after an easement or exception?

Then you need the EASY TO USE  Land Mapping Software
*  All Topo Maps operates on  Windows 95 up through Windows 7 & 8), uses digital USGS topographic maps, that you draw over and can import NET Deed Plotter® images.
* NET Deed Plotter ® operates in ONLY Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 & 8 only, draws Metes & Bounds tracts. (Any Version prior to V5.41 is no longer available or supported)
* PLUS a 8-hour Continuing Education Seminars on each software are available.  Contact Mike Johnson for costs, times and locations of the next ones.

NEW The new Google Earth World File Add-On is now available for NET Deed Plotter®. This is a FREE add-on. This add on to NET Deed Plotter® will enable a NET Deed Plotter® user to utilize Google Earth imagery without having to purchase other aerial images.

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Click Here to download the NEW Net Deed Plotter® Version 5.61 released on 03/06/2015
It is recommended that you remain in the Evaluation Mode for about 2 weeks,
before purchasing and getting an unlocking code

Before downloading and installing the NET Deed Plotter, we HIGHLY recommend that you close ALL running applications, especially MSWord, so the NDP can might the correct tie to Word's Add-Ons for automatic deed conversions.

All Topo Maps

System Requirements:

  • Windows 95 - Windows 7 & 8 for All Topo Maps
  • Windows XP - Windows 7 & 8 ONLY - for NET Deed Plotter®
  • 90 MHz Pentium with CD (for NET Deed Plotter®)  /  DVD (for All Topo Maps)  - ROM
  • SVGA x 256 colors
  • mouse
  • loaded NET Deed Plotter®  uses under 2 megs
  • loaded ALL TOPO MAPS program uses 32 meg
  • scanner & OCR needed to use document scanning
  • ALL TOPO MAPS digital maps are large (32 meg/topo)
  • A large hard drive is recommended, 5 GIG needed to load the maps for single state, or you don't have to load a whole state and  can load maps from the DVDs as needed.